Oxii - Rectangle switch 4 gang 2 wire + IRV

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2.500.000 Đ

WiFi Oxii smart touch switch is integrated with WiFi wave technology that allows users to set a timer to automatically turn on/off electrical devices on smartphones, tablets or can command control directly by " voice". Protected by insulating, heat-insulating, scratch-resistant, impact-resistant glass increases the durability of the device.

At the position of the light bulb on/off, the touch switch is designed as a LED circle with 2 colors of blue and orange, orange when the electrical equipment is in the open state and blue when the device is turned on. power is in the off state. This design makes the house more luxurious and sophisticated.

Color: White


- Oxii smart switch has a luxurious & high-class design, square product, metal rim, high-class glass surface.
- Has good impact resistance, scratch resistance, fire resistance & electrical insulation.

Control other devices in the room (TV, Air conditioner, ...)  via IR

With this feature, instead of customers having to use multiple Remote devices to control each device such as TVs, air conditioners, air purifiers, etc., customers can use Oxii smart switches to control other devices. this device through Apps on Smartphone.

Use Vietnamese to control devices directly

The integrated feature on Oxii switch allows customers to use Vietnamese voice to command and control devices without having to use Control Apps on Smartphone or perform normal physical controls.

Voltage range 100-240 VAC
Current 8A/1 channel
Current frequency 50-60 Hz
AC power supply type 2 line
2-line AC switch off No
Mobile App Yes
Works with Google Home, Google Assistant Yes
Connectivity Wi-Fi WiFi 802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz
Connectivity Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2 BLE Mesh
Wi-Fi Repeater Yes
Dimension 72x120x32 mm
Color Black/White
Voice command Vietnamese
Multi-function remote control Yes
Distance range ~5m
Impact resistance Yes
Fire resistance Yes
Surface scratch resistance Yes
Capable of electric insulation Yes
Power consumption statistics No

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